Authorized Dealer
If you are a business owner or you a salesperson with the desire to succeed, Multicomm is an excellent opportunity to generate extra income and expand your opportunities. Our goal is to help you grow and boost your business.

Multicomm strives to be the most reliable option for those who are seeking to provide a variety of services. The distributor will earn commissions for every transaction made.

Our platform has a user friendly design. In addition, we have at your service a highly qualified customer service team ready to assist at any time.


"Clarity builds trust", with MultiComm you can easily access real time sales and commissions at any time.

International Top Ups

Purchase your domestic and international top ups from the United States to Latin America. We work with the best mobile carriers in the market.


Top up your phone in the United States to make international calls with our Pinless service. No connection fees, no contracts, or hidden fees.

Bill Payment

Pay your bills in Mexico and Central America. The payments will reflect on the account 3 business days after the payment has been processed.

SMS messaging service is a tool that allows you to send direct advertising to your customers about a service or product that you would like to promote within your business. We have several SMS packages that can be purchased from our Portal.

Multicomm Sales Portal

    From our portal you can safely perform your transactions, pay your invoice and view reports.

  • FAST

    Our system is fast! Navigating and processing transactions is quick and simple.

  • EASY

    Our design is user friendly making it easy to navigate and perform transactions.

The portal design is simple, accessible and user friendly. You will have full control of your sales reports and commissions without the hassle of loading complicated formats.

How it works:

Enter the required customer information and pay for the service in order to process the transaction.

The information is sent to the provider for validation and purchase of the service or product.

You will immediately receive a text message to your cell phone number, which certifies that your transaction was carried out successfully.


If you have any questions about our top ups or any other service, contact us.